We are the leading platform when it comes to linking producers of goods and providers of services with customers, making it seamless and faster for them to connect in record time.

We aim to bring small, medium and large scale businesses from all spheres together under one umbrella and help them increase the visibility of their goods/services by showcasing them to thousands of potential customers. The end result of this arrangement is performance and profit maximization.

Our partners and customers benefit from an innovative listing/advert experience – whether it is Business listings, Job listings, Banner Advertising, Real Estate, Event promotion, General Advert, etc. Our carefully planned packages make sure you are guaranteed great value for money.



At Linkedportal, we are very passionate about what we do, and religiously seek to exceed your expectations. Our staff forms a community that is dedicated to the pursuit of customers’ satisfaction. To this end, we constantly explore new ways to render out of the box services, making your listing/advert experience with us a worthwhile one. We believe passion is the driving force behind success and happiness that allows us to keep striving for excellence and breaking new grounds for a better producer/customers relationship.



We are dedicated to keeping our customers happy and making sure their targets are met and goals achieved. We see the success of your businesses as ours because when your business grows, we grow too. We help bridge the gap by showcasing your business to the right customers, so you can concentrate on delivering high standard goods and providing top-notch services.



We have a 24/7 support system in place to make sure any issues that may arise in our cooperation with you are promptly resolved. We also help manage the complicated parts of your listing/advert. Simply call or drop us a message and our team of dedicated customer support will resolve/deal with the issues.