Market Place

Market-place is a free buying and selling service provided by Linkedportal, which allows verified individuals to publish second-hand items for sale and for the general public to search and purchase these items.

While registered individuals are allowed to list second-hand items for sale free of charge, the following items cannot be listed:

  1. Bitcoins, Litecoins, etc,
  2. Cigarettes,
  3. Loans, mortgages, debt relief,
  4. Erotic ads,
  5. Dead animals,
  6. Goods purchased for the sole purpose of resale,
  7. Unlimited quantity of goods,
  8. Business activities,
  9. Fuel,
  10. E-books,
  11. General services,
  12. Medicines and supplements,
  13. Traveling documents,
  14. Counterfeits, imitations,
  15. Teaching services
  16. Houses/flats/cottages,
  17. Any other good/service the Linkedportal Admin deems inappropriate to be listed on Market-place.


Carefully read this advice till the end…

At Linkedportal, we have your interest at heart, and we will try our best possible to make sure only registered/verified users are allowed to list items for sale.

However, we strongly advise that you call the user who listed the item you are about to purchase and arrange a physical inspection of the item in a public place or a place where you feel secure and make sure the item is in good and working condition before making any payment.

On no account should you transfer money to a seller without first inspecting the item. Linkedportal cannot be held responsible should you ignore the above advice.