We recommend you read the below Terms and Conditions regarding payments via your Credit Card, Paypal or Bank Transfer before ordering any Linkedportal services.

Graceland s.r.o , (the parent company of Linkedportal .com), reserves the right to modify the below Terms and Conditions at any time and you will be notified. Your continued use of the Linkedportal platform indicates your acceptance.

By making an order through Linkedportal billing system, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

  1. Payment:– Payments must be made only within the Linkedportal on-site payment system. Linkedportal cannot be held responsible for any payment made outside of this system.
  2. Price/Duration: – The duration for the services ordered are clearly stated on the package selected before payment is made. Graceland s.r.o does not offer refunds on billing services, and the prices are inclusive of DPH.
  3. Orders:– Please note that you are responsible for the correctness of the details supplied when ordering a service. This includes confirming that the payment details belong to you, or if not, that you have the permission of the owner or legitimate user to use such details. Details include (email, credit card number, mobile number, bank account details, etc).
  4. Data Protection. We take the protection of your data very seriously.  Credit card information (such as cardholder name, credit card number, expiration date, and email) is used only for the purpose of completing your order/processing bills. Your email may be used to confirm your order, manage your account, contact you for services and communicate with you.
  5. Termination: – you reserve the right to remove your advert/listing from Linkedportal at any time. You equally reserve the right to ask Linkedportal to remove your payment/listing information from its database at any time. When the above is done, your advert/listing will no longer be visible on the Linkedportalplatform, and Linkedportal will not be held responsible for such.
  6. Inapropriate Advert/Listing:– Linkedportal reserves the right to not publish adverts/listings that are deemed inappropriate. When payment had already been made and advert/listing published, Linkedportal equally reserves the right to cancel your account/remove such inappropriate advert/listing from the platform and refund will not be offered. By agreeing to this term and condition, you agree to waive your rights to any refunds should you violate this rule.